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    DIY Closet Desk Ideas & Tutorial For ANY Closet!

    Plan to hire an electrician to add one before moving your desk inside. If this isn’t possible, consider running an extension cord into the closet from a nearby outlet, Patterson suggests. “It will often fit under the door and can be held in place with Command hooks,” she says.

    • ‘Whether you work full time from your home office or just a few hours a week, it should be a space that feels productive and inspiring.
    • Measure your closet to determine the dimensions of the shelf units you will need.
    • If the closet is large enough, you can go for a loveseat, chair, and a small coffee table.
    • Add framed artwork or photos and decorative accents like vases and collectibles to show off your personality.
    • Drywall itself will not hold much weight but using drywall anchors makes these screws so much stronger.
    • With the finishing touches, you can now install shelves, a rod for clothing and any other organizational components you may want to include.
    • As you’re surveying your available closet space, make sure you measure the height, width, and depth of your potential closet office.

    Hang a closet rod for added storage and to allow for easier access to clothing and other items. You can add lamps, potted plants, artworks, and a bookshelf or magazine rack. Lighting is an important element of any space, so make sure to include lampshades and some overhead lighting. Also, when you look at the price of hardwood tables and desktops, you’ll find that they are very expensive.

    Step 4 – Mark and Drill Holes in the Wood Braces

    Move it out of sight when you need more floor space, or simply shut the desk and watch as your work mess disappears. This small desk style also features plenty of file space below. Since the beginning converting closet to office of the pandemic, homeowners have come to the New York–based interior designer Sara Mosele with some interesting solicitations. “Requests during the pandemic became really creative,” she tells AD.

    Using a faux stain not only gives you a beautiful and predictable finish, but it saves you a ton of money. Now is a good time to add a hole for any cords in the corner of you wood desk top. I used my kreg jig to make a hole but you could also use a drill bit for making holes. Drywall itself will not hold much weight but using drywall anchors makes these screws so much stronger. The standard height is 28-30”, but be sure to take into account your chair height when deciding on the exact measurement.

    What to do with a closet that has no doors?

    “If you have the opportunity to create a closet office across from a window, take it!” Patterson says. It might not make sense to have potted plants on a small desk, but hanging plants take up no surface space while still providing all the mood-enhancing benefits. Here, a rolling cart provides extra storage for a small desk, as well as an additional surface to organize paperwork. An array of succulents soak up sunlight in a nearby window for a small-space desk area with a view.

    turn closet into desk area

    Accurately measuring the space is paramount, as it will determine the size of materials you will need. From there, begin planning for the room by sketching a floor plan,which will be your guide for construction. Building a small room for a walk-in closet is not as difficult as you may think, as there are several steps to consider.

    Built-in nook or office

    For folded clothes, you may want to hang some floating shelves or buy collapsible storage units that rotate. Maximizing wasted closet space can be a great way to create much needed additional storage space within the home. Depending on the size and shape of the closet, there are several ways to make use of the wasted space. Additionally, walk in closets generally add value to a home and help make a space appear more attractive.

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