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    How to Develop Consistency as a Skill

    If you find yourself in a position today where things are not as you wished they would be, whether that be in your personal or business life, start by changing your behavior. Ask yourself what you can do every single day to get a little bit closer to your end goal. And whatever that might be, make it something that you follow through on consistently. Most business owners desire consistency in so many ways. They would like a consistent inflow of work.

    It’s not enough to do a single intense workout then expect to be faster, fitter, stronger. It’s the workouts that you habitually do every week for many weeks that make your body faster, fitter, stronger. This misstep does not establish whether we will succeed is consistency a skill or whether we will fail, but our next action does. But then, on a day like any other, life happens and for whatever reason our beautiful current breaks. It is the consistency that will allow us to root the habit in our lives and make it almost instinctive.

    I Met a Quiet Millionaire Who Operates a $2.5m Tiny Business While Working 2-3 Hours a Day

    Once a new hire has assimilated, spent a good amount of time building tenure and started to accumulate value for an organisation, and then the focus switches to their productivity. German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus hypothesized that our ability to remember information declines drastically over time. Ebbinghaus illustrated this idea with a chart he called the “Forgetting Curve,” which depicts the rate of memory loss over different time periods. According to the “Forgetting Curve,” the fastest rate of memory loss occurs only a few days after learning a new skill.

    is consistency a skill

    That flaky kind of commitment doesn’t mean people aren’t achieving their New Years’ goals (though that is a great example). Both internal and external factors can cause a lack of motivation, value and accountability. Everyone has good and bad days, as a start. Most employees are already juggling demanding work and personal schedules.

    How to Better Understand Your Consistency Theme

    All players have these characteristics to stay on the team. They recruit the best, they have a rigorous training calendar, they are constantly learning and evolving their skills; and most important they act as a unit helping each other. And that is the kind of consistency we need in the workplace.

    • A good workplace culture can also help a company attract and retain the best talent.
    • It is not easy to tread along the narrow path of consistency.
    • It takes time and effort, but consistency improves anything it is applied to.
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    • Time to get focused and do something magnificent.

    It’s also important to have a positive and consistent attitude throughout the interview process, as it can also help to demonstrate your consistency skills. You may even connect them with a mentor who can be a source of truth and instruction for them, especially when it comes to relating training to their day-to-day tasks. One simply does not get up in the morning and go “I’ll learn and master the guitar in a day.” It’s impossible. There are many such examples in everyday life where an ability or skill is developed only based on consistent efforts. His consistency literally tore through the mountain and there are some who can’t even try to wake up at 7 am. It takes time and effort, but consistency improves anything it is applied to.

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